Marco Wölfli

bodyelements “Type-O” - for the balanced metabolism

Your metabolism is balanced. You don’t feel tired and you don’t have any weight issues. The bodyelements shake “Type-O” is the right drink for you. The ideal combination of 50% carbs, 30% proteins, and 20% fat is perfect for your everyday life. Occasionally replace a meal with the bodyelements shake “Type-O” and you will be able to live without any weight problems and, more importantly, you will tackle your future full of vigor.


Carbs: 50 %

Proteins: 30%

Fat: 20%

bodyelements “Type-G”- the fast burner

Do you increasingly prefer weight sessions? Do you have a higher protein demand and want to build muscle mass or do you eat mostly vegetarian?  With the bodyelements shake “Type-G” you will find the perfect addition for a well-balanced diet.


Carbs: 25 %

Proteins: 60%

Fat: 15%


bodyelements “Type-P” - parasympathetic nervous system

Are you rather skeptic about too many carbs, even though you know that a small amount is reasonable? Would you characterize yourself as quiet or reserved? Do you need more proteins, because you can sense that you feel better afterwards? With the bodyelements shake “Type-P” you will find the perfect option for a well-balanced diet.


Carbs: 30 %

Proteins: 45%

Fat: 25%

bodyelements “Type-B” - for a slow oxidation

Do you like to sleep in? Do you often not feel hungry for a long time? It’s a familiar scenario: You don’t want to get up early in the morning just because you should eat breakfast. Many people are not aware of the fact that the first meal of the day is very important. However, it is understandable that there are occasions when there is simply no time to eat breakfast. With the bodyelements “Type-B” shake you will within minutes have the possibility to enjoy a satisfying meal replacement. This way you won’t miss out on any sleep and will start your day full of energy. It’s worth a try.


Carbs: 50 %

Proteins: 40%

Fat: 10%

bodyelements „Type-S“ - sympathetic nervous system

Start your day fully energized! The body elements shake “Type-S” helps especially athletes and people in everyday life who have a higher demand for carbs. The glycogene stores will quickly be replenished, leading to a high vitality level. Are your energy sources exhausted? Introduce the bodyelements shake “Type-S” into your diet.




Carbs: 60 %

Proteins: 25%

Fat: 15%

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